Thrifty Foods Smile Card



We all shop for groceries - it is a regular part of our lives. So why not share our good fortune with others by supporting the Auxiliary's Smile Card Initiative.


Your purchases made at Thrifty Foods using your Smile Card provide us with funds to support people leaving the hospital who may need a little immediate help purchasing groceries or medications.


Our Auxiliary receives 5% of all purchases made on your Smile Card up to a max of $2000 annually. The program is administered by the hospital Social Worker who provides individuals with a gift card to help them out.


It is easy to participate in this program. Once you have your Smile Card and prior to using it for the first time, tell the cashier the amount of money you wish to put on your card. Use your card to pay for your groceries. Any money you have on your card after paying you can use the next time. You can reload the card any time at the cashier.


It is very convenient and you also get your Air Miles points. It is a win win win program. You benefit from a convenient payment method for groceries you would purchase regardless, the Auxiliary benefits by being able to run its program and the individual patient benefits from the support they receive from the Auxiliary.


Please order your Smile Card today by calling Louise White at 250-743-0756 or email her at


No matter which Thrifty Foods you shop at, your Smile Card will ensure the ongoing support of our Auxiliary Program.